The Life and Times of Imran: A Family in the History of a Nation


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The Life and Times of Imran: A Family in the History of a Nation


Publishing Date: 12th July 2022

Pages: 658

Keywords: Nigerian history, Yoruba history, Egba history, Yoruba internecine wars, the Adeola family, Formation of Nigeria


The Life of Imran is a story of a simple, ordinary, everyday Egba man, from his birth in 1917 to his demise in 2006, a period of over 89 years. The story takes us through his journey of life, from Abeokuta to Ibadan and finally Lagos where he spent a significant part of his life. We walk with him from the death of his mother when he was just three years old, through his truncated education, to the arranged marriage with his first wife. Then we see him take control of his life through intense prayers, severe personal sacrifice and commitment of the education of his children.

The Times of Imran is the context in which all these happened. It covers the period from the formation of Abeokuta in 1830, through the arrival of Christianity in the town in 1842, the several wars with its neighbours, the Treaty of Friendship and Commerce with Great Britain in 1893, and the Amalgamation that created Nigeria in 1914. From then, we experience the struggle for harmony and integration of the new nation through the struggle for independence, the civil war, military regimes and the nascent democracy.

It is the story of a family in the history of a nation.


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Bayo Adeola attended King’s College, Lagos, for his secondary education, and the University of Lagos and Imperial College, London for his engineering qualifications. He is the founder and chairman of a consulting engineering firm, Comprehensive Project Management Services Limited, based in Lagos, Nigeria. His three previously published books are: Principles and Practice of Project Management, Engineering Is Development, and Ogun State: Our Collective Responsibility. Bayo is Imran’s third child and second son.

Praises for the Book

In this fascinating book, we witness history as the Nigerian nation evolves around the emblematic life of this simple Egba man and his polygamous and extended family.

This is a detailed, well-researched story of how an African family survives and thrives against all odds as the new world takes shape around them.

It is a story of piety, fortitude and an unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of kith and kin.

This is the stuff with which societies are built. Ultimately, ordinary people individually and collectively make the world what it is. This is a reminder that in whatever circumstances we may find ourselves, our lives matter.

Muhtar Bakare

Publisher, Farafina, Kachifo Limited.

An internal war threatens the peace and causes upheaval, a raging World War, a pandemic attacks multitude, two different nations are brought together and a family lineage takes root!

The Life and Times of Imran: A Family’s Story in a Nation’s History is a compelling read, masterfully tracing a family’s unique roots in faith, principle, and unity, while accurately navigating a nation’s story. It combines biography with mainstream history skilfully.

Very few writers have been able to capture the soul of narrative history as well as the author has done. The style is extremely readable with riveting and at times gripping stories woven together. It is simply a must-read!*

Olasupo Shasore, author of A Platter of Gold: The Making of Nigeria.