About Us



Quramo Publishing is an independent publishing company committed to producing the highest quality content for our various audiences. Our company’s portfolio includes the following imprints: Q Books, Mango Books,The Kuramo Report, and CLRN Direct, with more imprints to come.
Our goal is to publish a range of titles from cultural history to contemporary fiction and non-fiction as well as academic and specialised work; works that preserve the stories of significant events and distil the spirit of their time


Our Process


Writing an original novel and seeing it through to completion is a great achievement in itself. Your work, however, is incomplete. No matter how engrossing your story is or how intricate your characters are, poor organisation and language will undermine all of your effort.
This is why we are here, to make your work exceptional, and to turn it into the bestseller it can be, you'll need to do a lot of editing and proofreading. With our decades of expert manuscript editing and proofreading experience, we ensure your flaws don't ruin the broth. From the title page to the last page, we eliminate all mechanical, grammatical, and structural errors, and ensure consistency and precision in every line of your manuscript.


While your writing will keep the attention of your readers, we ensure they notice and pick your book from the shelves through our top-notch, compelling book cover designs. A flawless design is critical to the success of your book whether you are a first-time or seasoned author. Our team of expert designers collaborate closely with the editors to create covers and layouts that accurately reflect the soul of the books.


Publishing your dreams!


We have extensive expertise in printing and binding a wide variety of books, including hardback, paperback, and integrated binding.
We work round-the-clock with dependable and established printing firms around the world. With our printing partners' state-of-the-art equipment and our extensive industry experience, we are able to offer new and improved printing services to our clients.


Quramo Publishing is a renowned Nigerian publishing house dedicated to narrating the Black experience and putting African narratives on the international scene. We are a collaborative publishing house that prioritises authors and welcomes manuscripts in all genres all year. Quramo Publishing will assist you in publishing your fiction, non-fiction, poetry, self-help books, family history, and biographies.

As an African publisher representing your interest, not only do we want to get your work published, but we also want to assist you to gain reviews, get featured in the press, host book signings, build your brand, and eventually, sell more copies. With our vetted, successful PR/marketing campaigns, and local and international distribution networks, we are certain we are the right fit for you.